ArborJacks Tree Service Apartments and Commercial Properties

Standard property walk through for Apartments and other Commercial Properties

Upon request an arborist from ArborJack's Tree Service will thoroughly evaluate the apartments property, putting together detailed descriptions and prices  for

- 360 Building and Roof Clearance (6' or as specified)

-  Street light clearance

- Raising of trees where needed for lawn maintenance and visual security

- Raising of trees over sidewalks and walkway (8' or as specified)

- Raising of trees over parking lots (10' to 12' or as specified)

- Raising of trees over roadways 12' to 15' (or as specified)

- Clearance as needed for pool area

- Dead tree removal

- Removal of trees or limbs that may be a liability (Hazardous or At Risk Tree or limb Removal)

- aesthetics and dead-wooding where needed 

- Beautification of the apartments property and health of the trees will be kept while trimming by raising canopies evenly around the tree and making proper arborist cuts back to the trunk or a proper junction, not leaving unsightly nubs or uneven looking trees.

Function beauty and future low maintenance are the results

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